Literally that interview he kept going, “I’m happy, I’m so happy.” It makes my heart melt because he’s been going through so much shit this past year and to hear him say that is just.. amazing.

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Ian Eastwood celebrates his 21st Bday Interview

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eastwood & colors

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i dare you to gif the half a heart class footage without crying


girl are you home o m g

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People should send me requests, yeeeees.

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Ian Eastwood | “Half a Heart” | Fair Play Dance Up 2014 | Warsaw, Poland

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joooooeeee asked:
Wait, so Ian and Megan are dating?

Who knows to be honest? Not me, not really anyone besides them and their friends but they’re close atleast. Either way, I just don’t like that people are bashing on their friendship or relationship and her.

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Alright, I got to get a few things off my chest because I’m annoyed and this seems like the perfect place to get it out.

I was on Ian and Megan’s instagrams so I could get the pictures to edit and I was scrolling through the comments because aw, people can be cute but there’s several people commenting on both pictures saying how they miss Chachi with Ian and how they like her so much better and she’s prettier and blah, blah, blah.

I really want to know why some people think they have the right to insult her, or tell him that he shouldn’t be with her because is ex is “better”.. like, that part of his life is over. It’s been over for a year now and he’s moved on and to be honest, after the shit we’ve seen him go through, we should be hella thankful he’s happy.

They’re people. Not fictional characters you ship and unship and bash because you don’t like them together. I understand some people really liked Chachi and Ian, but that’s done and probably never coming back and I really don’t see the point sitting there and insulting and butting into a relationship we don’t know anything about and probably will never know anything about.

Just put yourself in Ian or Megan’s shoes before you comment because I really think that we should just be giving Ian our full support in everything he does.

That’s the least we can do.

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