let's celebrate batoonchi ayeeee

oh my gooood, happy birthday to my babybear!! i love you so much and spending a spending a week and a half with you was the bEST thing ive ever done and im soososos happy you moved back here so i can see you during breaks and stuff like that. youre my lil twin, the brian to my ian (i put megan and ian on here tho cause our blogs ya feeeeeeel) and these past few years with you have been so great and youre so sweet and funny and youre just a lil cutie!! i hope you have the best birthday and im sorry i cant be up there with you to personally celebrate it but itll be fun okokok—  muah!! :* love, boobear

Met this girl and Asian dudes that dance. It was cool, I think their dance group name was like Porridge or something. 👍

Sharing the stage with some of my fav. fellas in one of my favorite classes this past weekend.

La Familia @thepulseontour Gala Red carpet NYC! What an amazing night of talent, passion & emotions! Lovely :) #Pulsefam

Thanks @zendaya for letting our boy dip into “Replay” last night and share your stage! Great finally meeting you and your parents are supercool too

This is @ian_eastwood and my congratulations @trevortakemoto for making pulse elite protegé photo!

Anonymous: "how did you get him to text you"

My friend is at Pulse and I asked her if she’d bring up his birthday present to him or his parents because I wanna make sure he gets it and when she asked him about it, she asked him to text me and baaaam. Shannon is the best, really. ((:

Took the kids out for some breakfast this early morning.