This is @ian_eastwood and my congratulations @trevortakemoto for making pulse elite protegé photo!

Anonymous: "how did you get him to text you"

My friend is at Pulse and I asked her if she’d bring up his birthday present to him or his parents because I wanna make sure he gets it and when she asked him about it, she asked him to text me and baaaam. Shannon is the best, really. ((:

Took the kids out for some breakfast this early morning.

shannon is the very best omgomg i love her so much literally can we jUst

"you celebrate it cause, like, you’re looking at it like daaaaaamn, you’re like baaaaby. yea, so you’re going, oooo, lord jesus" — brian explains choreo

The moment when late night dining turns into artsy adventures.

Well how do ya do? Nothing like a cup of coffee to start a great day in NYC.

Can y’all give me requests because I need to make something